1. Seriously Though, What Am I Doing?

    Seriously Though, What Am I Doing?

    I added this because friends are important and I love Lola :)

    I added this because friends are important and I love Lola :)

    The question that I should know i’m not alone but feel hopelessly alone anyway.

    I love film. Every time I’ve worked on a film, i’m fully immersed with the story and get such a buzz from being apart of a creative team. But I can’t help but feel… What am I actually doing? Where am I going? Will I finish university and find that I have no…

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  2. The Next Struggle to Get Back on Track

    The Next Struggle to Get Back on Track

    I feel like a slight failure, not going to lie. But I’m determined to get back up and get fit and healthy!

    I FINALLY joined the gym (with classes) and went once… then later that night I slipped on some steps and gave my head a rather horrible bang and a very bruised bottom.

    It’s ironic really. And I know it not my fault this week that I haven’t been, but maybe i’m finding that I’m starting to use…

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  3. taylranne:

    Currently drooling over OAK+FORT’s beautiful pieces that must be added to my closet.  Their entire collection is my muse and I honestly want everything!  As I am minimizing my wardrobe, I am adding only quality pieces to replace empty hangers.  I have been doing many positive changes in my life lately, including perfecting my signature style.  I have never felt more myself.



  4. "The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean."
  5. My improved blog website is officially running! Go onto my tumblr and click on the tab “MY BLOG” for good, simple and effective healthy living, food recipes, organic products, workouts, cleanses, lifestyle and most importantly… general happy living!


  6. "The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean."
    — Colleen Michele 

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    Watch! so good.

    thanks b for getting it started. so, this is a film i’m working with out here in cali… and it might be coming to you. check out www.bellavitafilm.com/see-film for screenings. you don’t want to miss this limited theatrical release.  available on iTunes Sept 16th

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  9. "I think people spend too much time staring into screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing, and dancing under the moon."
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    Wellfed Steak House Logo

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    Friday night muse.




  14. Check it out! My first yummy, healthy recipe is up on my new healthy living blog :)