1. Check it out! My first yummy, healthy recipe is up on my new healthy living blog :)


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    Erin Wasson for the Free People June 2014 Lookbook

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  7. Lola looking foxy whilst skating yesterday afternoon around campus.

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  9. One of my moto’s in life.

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    Come to Pixelate Film festival in Falmouth! Two films I worked on have been shortlisted!


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  12. Every women must watch this!

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                                 R O L E   R E V ER S A L

    What I may have had as a lunchy meal, i chose to have for breakfast which i actually preferred. A single piece of wholemeal brown bread, topped with the juice of a tomato and a little olive oil gives it the perfect seasoning. Butter is not too good as it contains lots of bad fats and not as tasty in my opinion! I find the best way to have an egg is poached as it is healthier and very yummy. Looks good too! 

    If you are not a fan of Avocado, then replace this with Spinach or Asparagus. It is good to have a variation - do not always have the same thing! It gets boring too.

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